Top five very worst skin care mistakes

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By Lee Ann Buttery, Mario Badescu Skin Care

It’s amazing what thoughtful and consistent skin care can do for your appearance. On the flipside, innocent mistakes and a touch of carelessness can easily cause complexion chaos.

Want to be sure you’re getting it right? Check out the top five very worst skin care mistakes!

1. Picking or Touching Your Face: We’ve all been guilty of this one. You see a pesky blemish and attempt to extract it by popping or squeezing it. This is a huge no-no and can only make matters worse. The best thing to do is to leave it alone and let nature takes its course.

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However, if you absolutely cannot stand looking at it or you have a major event to attend and need it gone pronto, apply a spot treatment (preferably one that contains salicylic acid) with a cotton swab or a clean finger and leave it alone. Picking or squeezing pimples can result in scarring and often causes more acne.

In general, try not to touch your face at all unless you are certain your hands are clean. It’s easy to make this mistake unintentionally—resting your chin on your hand or rubbing your eyes. This touching may seem harmless, but the oils and germs from your hands can cause a breakout.

2. Washing Your Face with Bar Soap: Bar soaps are formulated for the body, not the face. The ingredients in bar soap are too harsh and can strip the skin of its natural oils, disrupting the protective moisture barrier and leaving the skin severely dehydrated. Moreover, their use can leave a filmy residue. Instead, stick with a gentle facial cleanser that contains nourishing and soothing ingredients that promote the health of your skin rather than compromise it.

3. Skimping on the Sunscreen: Whether you’re sunbathing in the tropics of Belize or skiing on the slopes of the Colorado Mountains, it is imperative to wear sunscreen all year round, rain or shine, winter or summer. Even on the most gray, gloomy, overcast days, the sun’s rays are still peeking through the clouds. Sun exposure is one of the top causes of premature aging. Even when you’re indoors or inside of a vehicle, solar rays can penetrate through windows. Therefore, make sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15.

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4. Neglecting to Wash Your Face: If you simply can’t be bothered or you feel legitimately exhausted, the easier (albeit wrong) thing to do is to hit the sack and call it a night. Your skin will suffer the consequences: clogged pores from a combination of old makeup, dead skin cell buildup and possibly an emerging pimple. Not a pretty picture. So the next time you really, really don’t feel like washing your face at night, gather up every ounce of strength you have and do it. Your skin will thank you!

5. Tanning: If you’re not blessed with enviably bronzed skin like Jennifer Lopez, it doesn’t mean you should bake your face and body to achieve a glow. On the bright side, you have two alternatives: opt for a safe sunless tanner or embrace your equally beautiful alabaster complexion. The sun’s cruel rays can cause premature wrinkling, brown spots and worst of all, skin cancer.


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