Perlier- Crackling Water

Perlier- Italian Sorbet (refreshing crackling water)


What is Perlier ?

‘Perlier’s success is primarily attributed to their on-going commitment to research. Although the Research Center calls upon university laboratories and dermatological centers in Milan and Turin, the most important and basic part of the scientific research is carried out in the company’s own Biological Research Center, LA CARIGNANA. Under the strict guidance of Professor Proserpio, of Turin University, and Professor Bonadeo, at the University of Milan, each a Scientific Research Director in Chemical and Cosmetic Technology, approximately 40 scientists, researchers and technicians (botanists, biologists, agronomists, physicians, and chemists and pharmacists), carry out a vertically integrated research activity.

Located near Turin, Italy, La Carignana Estate houses Perlier Natural Recipes Corporate offices, Biological Research Laboratories and Agricultural Experimental Center. Here, on over 150 acres of land, free of pesticides and insecticides, Perlier cultivates under strict control, the plants, flowers and honey from which the ingredients are taken for their preparations. This provides fresh plants for scientific research and the industrial production.’  Source:

Crackling Body Water

I love this product, really really do ; specially on really hot days.

With this amazing crackling water you can stay cool when you need to, and it also helps moisturize your skin. You can store it in the fridge to supper COOLNESS.

“Clackling Ice Body Water” is a cooling moisturizer in an aerosol can ; it goes on like bubbles and then it dissolves into a nice and moisturizing cream , super cool and refreshing.

I really like the body water for  these hot days for instant moisture and coolness…I recommend

To know more about perlier and to purchase perlier products you can go to the HSN website or or you can follow this link


Thank you all for reading


Note: Video and pictures obtained from Google and Youtube….Product was a gift courtesy of Perlier and ifabbo.#PerlierOnHSN #iFabbo #PerlierUSA



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