OWN Refining Moisture Night

OWN Refining Moisture Night Cream Review

I never wear any creams on my face at night, usually, I exfoliate before going to bed and that’s about it.  I realized how important it is and the difference that it makes to add some sort of moisturizer to your night routine. Not only will your skin be smoother, it also helps with the overall health of the skin.

As a courtesy of #iFabbo  and #OWNAtUlta, I received a sample of the this  wonderful night cream.

What is OWN ?

In Own’s words 

“Own is a San Francisco based skin-health company that believes in the holistic (complete) approach towards healthy skin. Own believes that there are too many chemicals that are in our everyday lives – in our food, in our environment, and even in our skincare products. Own’s foundation is in developing unique, innovative formulas that are effective in improving skin’s overall health, but without the need for harsh chemicals. Beyond products, Own advocates for lifestyle changes to make real improvements in their skin health. Using SF bay-area technology, Own created the first-to-market aging analysis app that empowers people to see their current aging situation. Now armed with personalized information about wellness, nutrition and beauty, people can make wiser choices for their healthiest skin. Own is the NEW way of looking at OLD.” Source: http://www.ownproducts.com/index.php/about/

Product Description:

Hydrate and illuminate your skin nightly with a luxurious formula designed to fight all three causes of aging while you rest. Own Anti-Aging Refining Night Cream features clinically proven CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) technology, a plant-based ingredient designed to enhance collagen levels, improve moisture retention, and boost metabolism for softer, smoother, and genuinely younger-looking skin. 94% of women who tried Own Anti-Aging Refining Night Cream reported that it absorbs easily and penetrates the skin quickly.

  • Retinol-free formula                                                                          
  • Does not cause irritation, redness or flakiness
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free

My thoughts on the product ….

Ever since I tried OWN products, I fell in love with them. It is an outstanding product, not just the night cream but the entire anti-aging selection.  The texture is so soft, silky, and so easy to apply . I have found that the night cream does not leave my skin oily, but…it makes it smooth and touchable just like a baby’s skin. It absorbs and penetrates  into the skin quickly.

As I mentioned previously, I never, ever, ever, ever, apply any sort of lotions or moisturizers to my skin at night before going to sleep and calling it a day. I always thought that it was unnecessary, why would I moisturize my skin if I am going to lay my head on the pillow toss and turn all night?…..a waste of product?   Absolutely not.

After trying OWN, I have reconsidered the idea of using night cream, I have realized the benefits that come with it. I am in love with the night cream, will never stop using it. I recommend it for anyone who has dry skin, and for everyone who wants a reliable product that  works, and that is as affordable as OWN.

I encourage all my readers to try the product for themselves , I promise you that you will love it just as much as I do .

If you feel like you want to try this, there is a big promotion for the product ,  it’s a buy one  and get one  50% off.   Here’s how to buy:

You can copy and paste this link into your address bar:


You can also go to the OWN website and browse other amazing products at :


Note:  I am not paid for the review of the product, the review is based on honest and personal experience with the product.

Thank you for reading!




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