Energizing Gel by Reviva Labs



” The gel that makes creams come true”. Yes, you read that correctly!. You may be thinking” it’s just another product review“…. No, it isn’t, it’s not just another review, it’s a special one, because with it comes a story that is very well worth reading. To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin, but here it goes…..

In the past, I prepared a few reviews for Reviva Labs products, so everyone is already pretty familiar with the history of this company, and you also know how much I love and recommend their products. Once again, I was honored with the privilege to try yet another amazing product that comes with more than just skin benefits, but also with a brilliant story; a story that reflects friendship, admiration and partnership.

I was going to begin by telling you guys about the product and the effects on the skin, but I think you all will appreciate it more if you know the story behind it. Throughout this story I will quote parts of the original text.

It all began in 1981, 7 years before I was born, Reviva Labs at this time introduced the first topical trace mineral product to the cosmetic marketplace, most of the product distributions was only at Health Food Stores and the product was named ” Gel Simulator”

One day, Mr. Stephen Strassler, President and Founder of Reviva Labs, received a phone call from Dr. Max Huber, brilliant scientist and developer of LaMer.

His call was to discuss minerals and special process he had developed for a skin cream that could heal as wellAnd the special process, he skin aging. He called it ” Creme De La Mer”, and has testimonials from doctors and consumers who lavished praise about what the cream’s ” Electrical Charge” had done to their skin.

Mr. Strassler said: His production method, special sea kelp bacteria and ingredient mixture was so complex, all I could do was wish him luck and introduce him to Betty Franklin a feature writer for Let’s Live Magazine.

Then Max passed away and his daughter ended up selling to Estee Lauder, LaMier sales now at about $275.00 a jar. Since then, the question remains whether or not the magic formula prepared by Max is what Esteer Lauder still produces.

This story that Mr. Strassler, and Anna Sanna from Reviva Labs shared with me, is not to say that Reviva’s ” Skin Energizing Gel” is the same as LaMier. But, was a work that was specially developed and designed for your skin, and it shares a very special piece of history with Mr. Max and his genius formula.

There is so much more of this story to share, and I would love to share it all with you, but that would mean that I would have to type all the amazing letters that were shared between the parties, but that would take too much time to type, and I think the letters that were shared with me are special and I would like to be a bit selfish as far as those are concerned.

What I will tell you though is that during that time, friendships were made and unbreakable bonds as well… At least that was my impression.

As skin ages and loses minerals, it may lose its ability to absorb the benefits of even the finest night creams. To help your night creams live up to their promise, Reviva offers Skin Energizing Gel, a pure “catalyst” concentrate of mineral- and vitamin-rich Hawaiian Seaplant.

This Gel acts as a supplement, kind of like vitamins.  When applied under your regular cream routine, it allows the skin to absorb better and trap the benefits of your creams and lotions.  I think we have all experienced creams where we think ” OMG it’s a waste of money“, have you  stopped and wondered whether it’s the cream that is a “waste of money ” or if it’s just how your skin is responding to it, or better yet the LACK of skin response.

The Skin Energizing Gel, will make your skin come alive, respond better to your night cream, and absorb it better. You will notice, after a couple of uses how you creams and lotions actually come true…. This is why Reviva Lab’s Gel is known asThe Gel That Makes Creams Come True”. 

I can tell you that it actually works! Because, this product contains and exclusive mixtures of “electrically charges “Trace

Mineral Ions from Hawaii’s powerful ocean tides. They serve as skin activators or “catalysts” that stimulate skin cell energy, a recharging of circulation and mineral balance which quickly improves skin response to active ingredients in beauty creams



  • Improves Skin Response
  • For Use Under Night Creams

Use alone or under your regular night cream to add moisture, energize and improve skin response.

Use regularly for a noticeably softer, fresher and younger-looking complexion.

We call it “The Gel that makes creams come true.”

Suggested Use

Apply at night on cleansed skin. Then apply your night cream over the gel. The creams applied over gel are better absorbed and more effective. If a slight sea plant residue occurs upon application, pat gently with moistened fingertips.


No animal ingredients

No animal testing


Purified water, algae extract (Hawaiian seaplant), Phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesin and sodium dehydroacetate (preservative system).

Paraben free

This is a product worth having, you guys will love it, I don’t go without it, it is now part of my skin care routine and I can’t live without it.  I will be ordering sometime this week a couple of the ladies in my life that I love so much, I know they will appreciate it.

Reviva Labs has been very kind as to sponsor a giveaway for you guys.  Just in time for the Holidays.  To enter, please follow the steps bellow.  If you would like to know more about Reviva Labs and their products, please go to RevivaLabs.com, also search Reviva Labs on Twitter and Facebook for daily skin care tips and more




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