Brushes Vs. Sponges


Hello Beauties, 

Have you been wondering what the buzz is about with all of these beauty blenders and blending sponges? I was too, so I decided to try a few of them and tell you about the difference between the brushes and the sponges.

I have always used a foundation brush; we all know there are a few types of foundation brushes out there, some are flat, some are round and fluffy…… What you use to apply your foundation will determine your overall look.  So if you find that a flat foundation brush works better for you, then that is what you should use..

Here is a little bit about each foundation brush you will see…

Flat foundation Brushes

The two types of brushes you see here are flat foundation brushes, I rather use the flat foundation brush on the bottom image; because the finish is flawless, it is easy to apply the foundation around the nose and hard to reach spots… the flat foundation brush you see on the image up top….. is also good, but it takes too long; instead of using a fast paced circular motion…… you will have to stroke the brush throughout you face in a patting motion; so the difference between the two is how fast and flawless the application is …. With both of these brushes you can achieve a medium to full coverage look… If you have acne scars or other scars on you skin, I recommend one of these too brushes.

Duo Fiber Brush

Here’s full honesty on this brush…..I HATE IT…. I hear a lot of people saying how the finish is awesome and flawless…..NO it is not…Of course it is a matter of personal opinion, but in mine; it’s not a good foundation brush… There is too much space in between the white brush hairs, this causes the foundation to be extremely hard to blend, you spend double the amount of foundation and at the end you have to use your fingers to make sure that the foundation is even…. If you want a foundation brush that works…this is not it…trust me.  However, I find this brush very useful to apply powder or cream blush; it makes the blush look light and natural.

Buffer Brushes

The two brushes you see here are considered Buffer brushes; They are called buffing brushes because you are supposed to use them in buffing motions in order to achieve a flawless full coverage look. I personally love them, the foundation looks natural, very even, soft and absolutely gorgeous…

These are just a few of many foundation brushes you will come across. Keep in mind that each cosmetic company has different brushes for the same purpose and may be named differently.

Beauty Blender and Beauty Sponges

I was so curious about the beauty sponges when I started seeing a lot of beauty bloggers use them and mention them on Instagram, At first I thought that it was just another blending product that people would eventually forget about. Well, it wasn’t . 

I had to try it for myself so I bought a few of these “Beauty Blenders”

Beauty Blender

First, I purchased the famous Beauty Blender. A very very nice sponge; super durable, amazing for foundation and concealer application. The pointy side of the sponge allows you to reach the nose area and make the foundation even a flawless… The blender is so soft, washable and can last a very long time. I love it, I did not love the price though. This little baby cost $19.00 , I don’t know about you guys, but for me $19.00 is a lot to spend on a sponge…… Sooooo I went on a hunt for other beauty blenders that cost way way less……

Professional Studio Blending Sponge

This was one of the alternatives I found to the beauty blender; this baby even has collagen to help you achieve a flawless look, you can find it at your local Wallgreens  for $5.99…. It does a great job….buttt… The sponge was a bit “stiff”, in order to make it a little more manageable I suggest wetting it, the sponge will become double the size and softer.

SOHO Beauty Sponge

This is a sponge worth having…it is 360 degrees of amazing….. The material this sponge is made of is the same as the Beauty Blender, the pointy sides of the sponge are perfect for the nose area, the sponge is soft and manageable, washable, durable……. The price for this sponge is $3.99 at the local Wallgreens… Can’t beat that … I love it , this is the one i use the most because it is super amazing, love how it make my foundation and concealer look.


In my opinion, both of the accessories are equally good…. I would not pick one type of foundation application over the other; only because they both can be used to achieve the look I want… The only difference between these beauty applying essentials is the types, the prices,  and who is selling them….

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what works best for you, and what makes you happy.

Right now I mostly use my SOHO Sponge, because I am in love with it, but when I miss my brushes I use them because I love them too…

Hope you find this reading selection interesting, thank you all so much for reading!


Disclaimer: all images included in this article are not mine, they were obtained from Google images, full credit is given to it’s original owner and source… If you find one of your pictures and would like me to remove please contact me immediately. thank you . 



2 thoughts on “Brushes Vs. Sponges

  1. steffiekbeauty says:

    I also struggle with duo fi re brushes. I think you can see the bristle marks all over your face. Give me a good old fashioned brush anyday. Sponges look good though x


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