Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse

Beautisol™ Celebration Self-Tanning Kit w/Mitt

Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse


We all know that tanning in the summer is essential to look our best, specially on a Friday night out with friends you want to look tasty , radiant and overall gorgeous.   Some of us may have a really hard time with tanning,  the good news is ….Beautisol will take care of that problem for you . So no more stress, no more hiding your beautiful legs and arms and no more exposing your skin to the harmful sun rays .

Sinead Norenius - Beautisol Founder & Spokesperson

Sinead Norenius  

Founder & Spokesperson

Meet the Gorgeous , Sinead Norenius 

As a 17 year skin care industry veteran and licensed aesthetician, Sinead Norenius has been at the helm of the beauty industry’s trends and newest developments. Sinead saw a missing link between the availability of product education and the end consumer. With her experience as Editor-in-Chief of the number one self-tanning blog,, she knew there had to be a better way for consumers to interact with a brand. Her mission has been to allow the consumers to have a voice in the product, the messaging, the packaging and even the website. Thus, she founded Beautisol™.

Sinead is a celebrity spray tan artist and educator who spends the majority of her time directly educating consumers on how to use sunless tanning products and choose the best sun care products. She is also the founder of IFABBO (International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization), which helps to unite the leaders in the profession to promote individual and professional growth and set standards and guidelines for the fashion and beauty blogging industry.

Find out more about this dazzling beauty here….


The Beautisol Philosophy

Beautisol™ provides high quality and environmentally conscious sun care products with personality! Our products provide alternatives to the sun for a safe and natural sun-kissed glow, treatments to reverse the effects of sun damage, and protection to help shield you from the dangerous UV rays.

Our customers are our focus and as such, we educate, interact and above all, listen. We are the sun care industry mentor and friend. We strive to be completely accessible and available to everyone.

From the beginning, we have used social media and other vehicles to interact directly with our customers. Their valuable insight guides our products, website, policies and more.

Beautisol works! Beauty Bloggers will tell you , and so will the media… Beautisol  has been featured on Today’s Show, CW Dallas, NBC Philadelphia, CBS Los Angeles , and Good Morning America ..Just to name a few. 

Beautisol has also been featured on a number of Magazines, Woman’s Health magazine, Celeb Shortcut, American Spa Magazine, and American Salon Magazine among  many others. 

Beautisol™ Celebration Self-Tanning Kit w/Mitt

Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse

As you all know a while back I did a review on the Tea Tan Glow from Beautisol. The Tea Tan Glow is also a self tanning product that can be washed off. I loved the Tea Tan Glow, but I am more in love with the mousse, now I can have a Tan longer without having to worry about it being uneven or dull and it last a long time.   Before I RANT on about the mousse I want to share with you some important information and facts about this product. The information you are about to read comes from the Beautisol website.

Self-Tanning Mousse  (in the kit)

  • Moisturizing self-tanner for all skin colors and skin tones
  • Even the fairest of redheads can use this product
  • Contains DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), antioxidants, amino acids, sodium PCA and other key ingredients
  • Formulated to give you a golden brown tan within 4 to 8 hours
  • Helps hydrate the skin
  • Paraben-, sulphate- and mineral oil-free
  • Lotion has a dark “guide” color that gives an immediate bronzing effect for an instant tanned look while your self-tan develops underneath
  • Lets you see exactly where you applied the product and where you may have missed
  • Greatly reduces potential streaking or application mishaps
  • Lightweight, whipped easy-to-apply formula
  • Dries quickly, allowing you to get dressed soon after application
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Perfect for men, as it does not get caught in body hair
  • “Color-correcting pigments” help to cancel yellow and orange hues for a more natural-looking tan
  • Formulated with odor-eliminating technology
  • Helps reduce the unpleasant processing odor commonly associated with self-tanners

Easy Application Mitt 

  • Designed for applying a flawless-looking, streak-free tan
  • Protects palms, eliminating the discolored-palms concern
  • Made of 100% polyurethane foam with 100% polyester fabric backing
  • Approx. 7-3/4″L x 5″W x 1/4″H

Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt

  • For bath or shower, use to exfoliate skin
  • Massages as it exfoliates
  • Made of 100% viscose
  • Approx. 8-1/2″L x 5-3/4″W x 1/8″H

Self-tanner made in USA; easy mitt made in United Kingdom; Hammam mitt made in China

Hammam Exfoliating Mitt (how to use) 

  1. Soak in tub/shower approx. 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. Thoroughly wet and then wring hammam mitt.
  3. Turn off or step away from water and massage mitt in an up-and-down motion.
  4. Exfoliated skin will begin to roll-off and/or ball up.
  5. Return to water source and rinse thoroughly.


(customer images)

My Beautisol Experience


I think it’s no secret that I love Beautisol. I really always stayed away from self tanners because I was afraid to  look absolutely ridiculous and orange. This  is not the case with the Beautisol self tanners.  Beautisol has color correcting pigments; which means …more brown… less yellow and orange.  Beautisol also has odor elimination technology, so you can smell great even when you self tan.

The tanning mousse goes on dark from the start, so that you can know what parts of your skin you have applied the mousse already and which ones are missing; the result will be a flawless tan. The skin will look radiant and youthful. 

Please keep in mind, if you do not exfoliate your skin your results may not be as wonderful as they could be… So please EXFOLIATE, you must, must, must, I cannot stress the importance of this step in self tanning enough. 

Although I love the product, I did notice that there is still a bit of a smell  during the first day after applying the mousse. Don’t be alarmed it is not a strong smell, it’s very light and it will go away.

I recommend all my readers to go ahead and try out the mousse, you will like it. If you want to know more about Beautisol, tips and tricks  or to  purchase  go to, or on HSN.

To end this review I think it’s important that you watch this video about Beautisol

Thank you all for reading!


Note: I did not pay for this product, product was courtesy of @beautisol #BeautisoliFabbo, I do not get paid to review… product information was obtained from Beautisol Website, Some Images were also obtained from the Beautisol website. Some images also taken from Google images, full credit given to the original sources, if you see your image and would like me to remove it , please contact me immediately. Thank you. 




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