Aslavital Cleansing Milk (Romanian)

My next few blog posts will be all about Romanian Products , that by the way I am loving them!… The first product we will talk about today- is Aslavital Skincare .

These products were sent to me from out of the country  as a gift by  This website features a variety of Romanian skincare lines that will be sure to amaze you.. If you are ever interesting in purchasing any Romanian skincare products this would be the ultimate site.   I absolutely love European products to me they are the best, I am not just saying that because I’m European; am saying it because it is the truth. I feel that European products have more thought being put into them .

Here’s a bit of history of Aslavital  skincare line

The original Romanian Aslavital cosmetics with Aslavital Natural Special Clayare specifically designed for the sensitive, allergenic & the irritated skin. The Professor Doctor Ana Aslan originally created the Aslavital variety withAslavital Natural Special Clay especially for her specific skin type issues. The Aslavital line is based on an original concept for preventing and delaying the aging of skin, concept that exploits the extraordinary potential of the. Aslavital Natural Special Clay.

Thanks to this association the Aslavital line stimulates the defending mechanisms of the skin against the increasingly aggressive environmental factors having also calming and intensive repairing action.
All the Aslavital products are Dermatologically Tested Safe and Hypoallergenic .

Here’s Important information on  the Cleansing Milk

(information obtained from



Skin Type

 Sensitive skin, All skin types
Daily care, morning and evening
Eco-Certified Goji Berry Extract
100% Natural Clay
It efficiently and delicately cleanses the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips.

Product Details:
It’s mineralizing formula effectively but gently removes the make-up from the delicate eye and lips area without causing irritations.


Apply with a cotton pad and gently cleanse the eye and lips area.

Key Ingredients:

  • Natural Clay – Has an impressive remineralizing, antitoxic, antiseptic, bactericide and disinfectant action. Restores body’s radioactive balance.
  • Organic Goji Berry Extract – Has powerful energizing, anti-oxidative and anti-aging effect. Helps treating inflammations and other skin problems, stimulates collagen production.
  • Vitamin A – It accelerates cell renewal, stimulates collagen production, helps reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Cornflower Extract – Calms, relaxes, regenerates and smooth’s the skin.


$12.99 (not including shipping and handling)

My experience 

Like I said at the beginning of this post; I love European products, they are fabulous in every aspect. I really liked how smooth this cleansing milk is, it leaves my skin clean and soft… What really caught my attention was the smell; I literally could not stop smelling it …It reminded me of something and I could not remember what it was …. It’s smell haunted me because I knew that smell was related to something… of course it smelled like flowers…however I am not speaking of  the type of smell that it is, I am referring to a memory…something I had that smelled just like it …

Then I was in bed one night playing candy crush  🙂 IS ANYONE ELSE ADDICTED TO THAT GAME ?… anyway….. I finally remembered what it was that it smelled like…. When I was little and I used to still reside in Portugal I had this pretty thick Diary that had a lock on it … I remember my auntie giving it to me as a gift. The pages were divided into three sections  : a baby pink color, a light blue color, and a light green color…….. When I opened the diary for the first time it smelled just like this cleansing milk…. I used to love that diary … it was a bit of an escape .

Anyway it brought back some really wonderful childhood memories.

The only thing that I believe needs a bit of work is the package… Most of the writing in the package is in Romanian (of course) ; very little is in English and it makes it really hard to be able to know more about the product.

Other than that I love it!

 Thank you all for reading !

Your Beauty is Inspiring!

Note: Products courtesy of  did not pay for this product and I do not get paid to review! some images in this article were obtained from Google images, full credit given to the original sources..If you see one of your pictures and would like it removed, please contact me immediately



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