Here are some reviews for you, I personally love NYX products…some need improvement but they are well worth the price.


NYX Rouge Cream Blush (Natural)- I am so in love with NYX products.  They are so affordable and of very good quality. The blush is soft, creamy, and it stays all day…the color is so beautiful and looks super natural.  Thumbs up for this one  🙂

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in MILK–  This pencil is awesome… it’s creamy, easy to apply , and it is perfect  to make your eye-shadow look brighter by applying it to the lid prior to applying the eye-shadow. Thumbs Up

NYX Concealer Jar- I love NYX but I was not happy with the shades of the concealers:( The product itself is great, it’s full coverage, very creamy and super easy to apply and to blend…To get my shade I have to mix with another NYX shade ….over all it’s a good product…. ThumbsUP


NYX Matte Lipstick -Hippie Chic- In love with the shade of the lipstick, the only problem is that it wears off too  fast… I really would love a 24hr lipstick that  lasts from NYX. Thumbs Half Way UP.

NYX Stay Matte but not Flat-Foundation:  😦 (sad face)…I was expecting more from this foundation,  Besides the fact that Cherry Culture sent me the wrong shade, the foundation is not very natural looking, the finish is not smooth and it does not make the skin smooth…feels heavy and like I have tons of makeup on …  Thumbs Down

NYX HD FOUNDATION-  I don’t love the foundation but I like it.  The skin stays smooth and flawless with the right amount of shine. I recommend and would buy it again.. Thumbs Half Way Up .

NYX LIPSTICKS in Harmonica, Sky Pink, and Sash- I like these lipsticks, the colors are very beautiful and sweet, the only negative thing I would have to say, is that, it has got some shimmer in it. When I ordered,  it did not seem to have a shimmer it looked matte… Matte Lipstick is my favorite…but  overall Thumbs Up.

NOTE:  The purpose of these reviews is to help the customer identify what they might find suitable for themselves, and for the cosmetic companies to improve their products in order to create a better customer experience and satisfaction. I encourage all my readers to try the products for themselves, because everyone is different and reacts differently to  products.  Reviews are about customer experience and constructive criticism.

Thank you for reading!




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